Saturday, November 27, 2010

Working in a series

 The bottom left is my latest piece.  It still needs squaring up and a facing applied. Working in a series sort of sneaks up on you. Sneaky blooms should be what they are called because I never intentionally set out to make these shapes again and again.   I call the series abstract blooms even though each piece has a title that does not suggest it is part of a series.  While whole cloth images they are not all done with the same medium or technique.  One was painted with  MX dyes thickened with rice paste. I did one (not pictured and sold and I have no image of it) with a screen printing technique and sodium alginate thickened dyes. The largest and latest one to date is done with watercolor pigment and soy milk on silk broadcloth. One in the collage below was created by deconstructed screen printing. Two others bleach discharge and paint sticks.
I think of them as my fall back work.  Designs I can try different techniques with and know in the end that I will still like the end product simply because I like the image that I am working with.  My own personal motif so to speak.   I draw these abstract blooms almost unconsciously, like when some others  doodle circles or stars or interlocking boxes - on the phone when someone has you waiting for the next available customer service person. As I think back there are more in this series,  See below  that do not match the color scheme above but they too derived from my poppy series that now number around a dozen.  I'll show you my poppy series another day
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Note the color difference.   All but the bottom right one was done in Missouri.  The blue checkered background  was one of the first pieces I did in Florida and all of the ones in the first collage were done in Florida with the exception of the piece - top middle  - which goes to my belief that I am a red/orange/yellow person no matter what part of the world I live in... but I am more of that red/orange/yellow person when the sun shines.  Yeah for the sunshine!!!!  Now I don't feel bad for blaming my color that were less than happy color choices on the mid-west. 
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