Monday, November 01, 2010

My new residence

Looks down from the third floor into the garden. I have enjoyed waking up the last two mornings and having my coffee on the balcony. I can hear the hear the sound of the water flowing in the fountain from here. I could barely see it from the windows of my other apartment and never heard it there.
Now that I am here, despite some unpacking that remains to be done, I am glad that I moved.
But you all have my permission to commit me if I suggest that I am moving ever again. That is (unless I have some one(s) come in, pack it all up, carry it into the next place and in total down to the last spool of thread, unpack and organize it). I'm sure for enough money that is possible. To take a break I am sitting here blogging when I should be putting away some more of the studio stuff. Then I need to get the pictures and quilts back on the wall and my design wall attached. The rest of today and the better part of tomorrow morning should see it all in place and me back to living as if all of this never happened.

From the third floor I am looking out at the palm trees instead of looking up at them. Nice having this perspective.
Wednesday I will plan to get my teaching supplies, samples etc organized and packed. I'm off to Providence on Saturday morning. Not sure if I will blog more before I leave, but I will blog while traveling if I have Internet connections along the way.
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Jodi said...

Congrats on your move - what a wonderful view. You must FEEL so much better, not itchy and creepy anymore with those creatures in your last apartment! And you're coming to my capital city - I love in Smithfield, RI. I hope you enjoy your stay, whatever the purpose.

Penny said...

Wow. What a palace. Do we need to call you Lady Juanita now? I can't believe I missed your birthday or name day if you don't count them anymore. Have a fun trip.