Saturday, November 27, 2010

The mail has brought me many things

over the last week or so.  My PFD fabric arrived.  A box with two large cans of 505 came.  Have to drive 40 miles to Kissimmee to get it.  Online ordering is the balm.   My wonderful assortment of Isacord threads came and sent me on a search in the studio for some way of storing them in a manner that made them easily accessible to me as I sit at the sewing machine.  A temporary solution was found, but I will look for something different and more efficient since I see more and more spools of this threads in my future.

The mail also brought the latest issue of the AQS magazine and the Iowa show winners.  There I am, fat face and all with my quilt pictured upside down.

New of note or not.....
I am doing an online class with a lady in California.  This will be my first try at teaching machine applique online.  I did a screen printing, thickened dye painting class with a lady in Canada a few months ago and she thought it went well.  So Charlene, look for your kit one day next week. 

I am batching the fabric for the kit on the balcony.  oooohhhhh  I forgot how much I like dyeing fabric.  The light orange/peachy color will be the backing on my next quilt that I am painting.  Will give you a peek at it later.   I started painting it yesterday and love the way the light comes in this apartment much better than my previous place. 

If anyone else would like to take part in this online class, send me an e-mail and I will give you the details.  The kit will contain everything you need to finish the wall quilt  pictured above except for a sewing machine, your own bobbins and sewing machine needles. :)
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Finished another book by Mary Kay Andrews " Savannah Blues" .  While not expensive to buy at Barnes and Nobles, I am however going to the Library to get her other ones on CD so I can paint and listen instead of flopping in a chair and reading until 3 in the AM, thus getting nothing done.

  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We by-passed the  turkey and went for grilled steaks. 
I dared not leave the building yesterday.  Living next to the Altamonte Mall, the traffic was bumper to bumper, but I am going to venture out in a few minutes to Joann's in the opposite direction for some Pellon stabilizer and mosey through the store to see what else catches my eye.
I've blogged enough for today and you are all caught up on whats going on here in apartment 434.

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Harmony Hopes Studio said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh. Look who was published. What a lady.

Susan Turney said...

Hi Juanita!
I'm so glad you did such a nice long post!! I love catching up with what you're up to. I can see why the quilt's gorgeous even though it's upside down! It looks great anyway. I'm going to go get the magazine.

Karoda said...

Deb, my sister, just told me yesterday that she saw your quilt in the magazine. I'll make sure to pick up a copy!

Carol said...

Upside down or not it is still beautiful, and I don't think some will even know it is upside down. Again it also reads "Juanita". Congratulations!! said...

Well deserved congratulations! That is so wonderful, even up-side-down. All of you art is absolutely gorgeous. I drool over everything that you do.