Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another productive day

Three while cloth painting so far. I decided to add strips to the hibiscus bloom painting. Because I have so many tubes of red paint, I decided that I needed to paint a color sample board so I could make better choices of which color to use, so the paint sample board was the next thing I did this morning before starting and completing the piece using snow drop flower shapes, which I know are white flowers, but you can't paint white flowers on white fabric and I did not want to do a dark background. Yes it is far more delicate looking than what I normally do, but felt that I needed to explore using more pastel colors in order to get a feel for handling them. I must admit, while I like this piece I much prefer intense saturated color best. So my next piece will let me use some really yummy colors tomorrow.
I have a piece of fabric stretched on my paint surface propped on the easel ready for me to get started again tomorrow. More than likely my tomorrow's painting will be one using my abstract blooms, no brainer to give myself a metal break while I think of another flower to paint on Thursday. I have listened to two book so far, neither one of which were spell binding, but neither were they boring.
Karen:  I do like my easel.  This one is great because I can raise and lower the area where the paint surface rest.  I can stand or sit on my stool to rest my back or feet.  It is light in weight and I can pick it up to move it when the paint surface is not on it, but it does have wheel that don't roll to well on the carpeted floor.  Would be great on tile or wood or a solid surface.  And yes it does allow for me to step back and get a better prospective of what I am painting.
I'll close for now as I am trying to decide if I want to walk to the other side of the building to see if there is anything in my mail box. Justin did this for me every day as well as pitch the trash which I am having to do too. I really must un-spoil myself.
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Sue said...

I really like the snow drop flowers. They have such a transparent light feeling....so opposite of your beautiful bold works. all that's missing is a small bug or butterfly on a leaf !! I'll look forward to seeing how you finish it. I'm finally dabbling and loving the experiments....not ready for prime time tho. Sue