Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My life is running along a smooth

road of late with no adventuresome twist or turns to report. I haven't blog for some time because there really has not been anything of interest even to me to report. But since one of my friend sent an e-mail wondering how I was because I had not blogged for a while I thought I'd better check in. I am back to be alone. Justin is still in Louisville and called to say he will not be on his way back until Friday. Being alone, I have gone through a number of books on Cd's and I am liking Harlan Coben's books a lot. Even listening to them out of series order has not diminished them. I finished quilting one of the tops I had painted, but have not cropped to square or face it. I started on a second top and was working on it when a friend from Louisville came to visit for 6 days. She arrived on Tuesday and left on Sunday. During her stay I was contacted to do a commission piece that I want to have finished before I leave for Louisville on April 13Th. So I stopped working on one piece and began designing the commissioned piece On Sunday on my way home from the airport I stopped to buy gold metallic thread and gold metallic fabric. The commission requires the use of them. That should be fun! Or not... Will let you know.

While my friend was here, (non-quilting friend) I was perplexed as to what to do with her. A trip to the beach came to mind so off we went on Thursday. Collage below images from Dayton Beach. On Saturday we walked to the movie theatre to see "The Lincoln Lawyer" fifteen minutes into the movie I knew I had read the book that the movie was based on. It was followed so close to the book that there was no surprises. But all in all not a bad movie if you have not read the book.
So if I don't blog for awhile just know that I am keeping busy and listening to more books on cd's. Oh yes, I like using the Glide thread. It has more of a sheen than Isacord, but maybe that is just my eyes. While it and Isacord are labeled 40 wt the Glide is thicker and it works really well for me using a matching Isacord in the bobbin and using a #14 Embroidery needles, just in case you decided you want to try it.

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Susan Turney said...

It's always good to hear feom you! That commission piece is absolutely gorgeous!