Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's still a little strange

being here by myself, but I am adjusting. It was so nice getting up this morning and not finding a body asleep on a air mattress in the middle of my living room area. And had forgot how nice it was to listen to books on tape on a "Boom Box " style CD player. For some months now I have had to be attached to a CD player in my apron pocket when Justin was here so I wasn't interfering with what he was watching on the television. Yes I am a considerate person. Years ago when I worked late in the studio and the grandsons were younger and had school the next day I would use wireless headphone to keep from being tittered but for me listening with no encumbrance is sheer delight.
Sundays about once every three weeks or so is my day with my daughter Rene' to make the trip to the Library. Knowing I could listen til my heart was contented I brought home 10 books on Cd's. Two by Harlan Cobin who I have not read or listened to. I saw a display of his books maybe a dozen or more in paperback at Barnes and Nobles yesterday when I was there picking up the latest issue of "cloth-paper scissors studio". I picked up and read the back cover of a couple of them as I was waiting my turn in line for the cashier. They sounded interesting.
Besides the two by him that were available at the library I checked out several other authors, mostly cops and mysteries and I think two light romances with a twist of humor. At least the one other book by this author I listened to was light, charming and in spots down right funny. So I am looking forward to seeing if these two by her are as fun to listen to as well.
Several weeks ago. Well more like a little over a month ago, I did some straightening up and organizing of my stuff. Remember me telling you all about finding these great DMC thread boxes back last Fall. Well they are great. Now everything is labeled. I thought I was putting stuff away logically. You know pens with paper and envelopes. Colored pencils with watercolor paints and brushes. But no. I find myself standing in front of them saying "Now where is ...? I think now I should rearrange the drawers in alphabetical order since my brain seems to want to find stuff in the manner. The missing drawer has watercolor paints, well my brains says it should be in bottom of the three drawers in the third box down on the right.
Started painting on this piece today. It still needs some more shading, but not to total finished state since I like adding thread in matching or a little contrasting color for veining and I can always work back into it later if areas need to blend more or highlights are needed.
This one hour ahead thing has caught up with me so I think I will call it quits for tonight and go off to bed.
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Karoda said...

i'm digging your set-up for painting on your cloth. i know you blogged about it when you first set it up but i'm looking at it now and thinking how it is better for the body and even the gaze at evaluating the flow.