Saturday, March 05, 2011

I went to Kissimmee today

to teach a class at Queen Anne's Lace Quilt Shop.  It has been a while since I was there last. Despite me not using a lot of commercial fabrics anymore in my work, there is still something about a quilt store.  Maybe its all the color that surrounds you and all the samples of patterns  and samples of stuff you "could" make and the books, not that I need anymore and the.... you know. All the stuff....  It really isn't about need.
I find most quilt stores to be happy places to be and who in these times does not need at least one place in the world where you feel happy.
There were 11 ladies in the class today, twelve is about all the room will hold when everyone is using a sewing machine and a cutting mat.  One of the ladies is  a "snowbird from Canada" a repeat student of mine from a class I taught there last winter.  she will begoing back to Canada in April.  We have retired RN status in common. 
Mary Ann from my in house three day class was there as well as one of the members from the local quilt guild, my patron, Nancy.  She brought one of my quilts at the quilt show last month.  Yea!!!! for patrons.
You know me.... yes I took my camera, but no I didn't take any pictures. 
Session two of the class will be held the first Saturday in April and I promise I will take pictures of what they did.  Today's session ever one was creating a multi-fabric pieced background to use for their large scale flower and there will be 11 very different looking backgrounds.  Can't wait to show you.
Latest news:  Mary McBride the SAQA President for this area has curated several exhibits that are in different venue in the central Florida.  Collectively these exhibits are titled Volusia Wrapped in Fiber.  She took 10 pieces of mine on Thursday to  consider for hanging at the DeLand Conference & Business Center.  The opening reception for that is March 11 and I think she said she was going to put one or two of the ten pieces at the Rose Room Gallery, Peabody Auditorium too.  That exhibit opens March 10th, no opening  reception by an "art talk" is scheduled for March 25th.  There are six venues in total and I have only seen one so far so, the one at the Gateway Center for the Arts.   I think next Saturday I will make a trip up Interstate 4 to the furthermost point and make my way back, stopping to see the other five.  Yes, I promise, I'll take pictures. :)


Karoda said...

super great news. It sounds like you will have 10 pieces at 5 different locations...have fun on your road trip! miss ya!

quiltingnana said...

my thoughts exactly about quilt shops....what class did you teach