Monday, March 07, 2011

Two good things

came by mail today. Well  more accurately one came by US Mail and the other was delivered by UPS.

The USPS Mailman brought me an acceptance letter from AQS for the Paducah Show. Yea!!!   That's  5 shows, 5 acceptances and 2 Blue Ribbons so far.   And yes I am counting.

 Not bad for an old broad who decided to get back into the quilt show competition game.   
And the second good thing; UPS brought me 30 spools of wonderful colors from the makers of Glide thread. Glide is a 40wt polyester thread that I had read good reviews of after I had decided to focus on using Isacord thread exclusively.
You know I've been buying spools and spools of it  and now have all the colors I wanted so why did I decide to venture in another direction. Mainly, curiosity.
I was going to purchase only one or two spools of Glide at first just to try it when Francine, one of my Chicago students read my blog and decided to bring a spool of Glide with her when she came for classes so I could try it.
I did and I liked it very much. I didn't put it in the bobbin, just through the needle and I had Isacord in the bobbin.
Glide and Isacord are both marketed as 40wt threads, but on close inspection the Glide is noticbly thicker. Perfect for thread painting applications since it fills in faster than the Isacord does.  I has the look when stitched that is closer to what Robinson Anton  Rayon looks like when stitched.  I like RA too on the rare occassion when I used it. 
Disadvantage--- Glide does not have as many colors. So when I decided to purchase some I went on line and selected thirty spools; buying all the colors that I thought I would find useful for what I am currently doing.
Will let you know if I am still happy with it once I use it on something I want to create for my next quilt show entry.
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Dale Anne Potter said...

WAHOOO! You are on a roll - keep it up! Looks like FABULOUS threads to play with - ENJOY!

creativedawn said...

CONGRATULATIONS Juanita...your work is STUNNING! Good luck in the show - will stay tuned to see if you REALLY like the Glide threads.


Sue said...

I am not surprised at your acceptance and subsequent recognition of your work. Pictures just don't do it justice. I'll be interested in your opinion of the Glide as you work with it. Company leaving today and now its ME time and can't wait to play again with the ideas you shared. Sue

Susan Turney said...

Congratulations!!!! And those threads! The colors are yummy....I can't wait to see how you like them and the pieces you use them on!

Carol said...

It's wonderful to have so many options in whatever we choose to do. Sometimes for me it gets a little out of hand like your decision to use one thread and then find another. I've been looking at a backup sewing machine and the options are way too many.
There was a day when we did not have so many options and got along just fine. Time brings about a change.