Tuesday, April 05, 2011

When I love color

why would I accept a commission to create something without it? For the challenge I suppose. This piece when completed will measure 2' x 5' and is for an over the head board space in a bedroom. My client is in Louisville. It's a good think there are flowers. One saving grace I will add a touch of gold foil and a little teal in the flower centers but that's all. Will give you a look at the final version when it is completed. Justin is home. My company (a friend from Louisville) has come and gone. It was great while she was here. The sun shone every day and of course we had the day trip to the beach. The day after she left we had two really bad days of gray skies, heavy rain and WIND. They are saying that the rain will come again tomorrow. I have been really busy. I am on the committee for the Donation Fund Raising quilt for the Quilt Guild I belong to. I taught the second half of a two session class in Kissimmee last Saturday and spent Sunday afternoon on the Internet ordering the supplies I need for a two day class I am teaching in Cincinnati on the 16-17 of April. Might be a while before I get back to blogging. Work, work, work which I really don't consider it work is what I will be doing. Along with the quilt and organizing class supplies, sometime in the next 8 days I need to work up a power point presentation for a guild talk I will do in Louisville while I am in the area too. Told then there wouldn't be too many quilt with the talk mainly because I don't have an inventory anymore. I am looking forward to seeing my Mom and friends while in Louisville. I hope I have not scheduled myself too thin with more to do and people to see while I am there. Got my quilt packed and sent off to Paducah for the show. But I won't be there to see it. My goodness, is it that late. 1:10AM. I just noticed the time on my laptop. I am way past bedtime. Bye!

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