Friday, April 22, 2011

Balcony view

Yesterday's trip out had me driving up the road toward Casselberry to find the Harbor Freight store. I found it easily but did not find what I was looking for. Which was a 48" drywall t-square to use for squaring up my quilts. Not to leave empty handed I picked up a box of much need filter mask for when I am measuring and mixing dyes and a box of disposable latex gloves. Oh and set of picks for I don't know what, but they looked like something I should have, just in case.
Then it was off to the nursery where I walked and looked and couldn't decide of what to buy then narrowed it down to flowers that love full sun or part-day sun. My favorite petunia came in many colors, mounding and trailing and I chose both for the rail baskets. I decided on Moss roses in my favorite color (yellow) because they too are trailing plant and hopefully they will grow long enough to trail over the side of the railing without looking straggly like the philodendron I planted last fall did.
Since I only have this small space to use my green thumb I thought I'd try to grow some cherry tomatoes and some green peppers trusting I will not be growing more than I can eat as they ripen.
Lovely day today. Perfect for breakfast outside.
There is a second Harbor Freight location in my area. I think I'll give them a call to see if they have the t-squares as I will be out and about shopping for some commercial prints in pink, coral and fuchsia to go with my hand dyes for my next commission.
There are several quilt shops I have not visited before but I plan to rectify that today. I'll take my camera along.
There might be something interesting to share.
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