Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tulips and Dogwoods

I was in Louisville last week. There are many things I really miss about living there. Not counting family and friends, Tulips and Dogwood trees blooming in the Spring are two of those things.
As I was leaving the airport I got my first glimpse of tulips and looked wistfully at each bunch I saw growing as I traveled about the city. There are no tulips in Florida. The ones pictured above were growing in the yard of the condo unit next to where my friend Kathy A. lives. But they were everywhere and in every color. Once again, Kathy made me welcome and I enjoyed my time with her. I tried to see everyone near and dear and spread myself way too thin and I'm afraid I didn't get to everyone.
I went shopping while I was in Louisville, venturing briefly into Stein Marts to get my "Derby Hat I want one fix" and the hats did not disappoint. They were to die for. I know, those of you who are not native Louisvillian or of the age where donning a hat on Sunday was the thing for ladies in the South who Church did. And so was wearing the most beautiful hat you could find and afford on Derby Day. If you did not do one of these things you can not imaging how seeing hats of many colors bedecked with flowers and ribbons and bows and netting can make the heart flutter. My heart fluttered and fluttered and fluttered. I know I could wear a hat anytime I want to, but the ones I want to wear don't go well with jeans and white t-shirts. Then the other part of that is; I do not want to be seen (looked at or pointed at, snickered about, or seem as an odd duck) and I most certainly would if I wore one of those Derby Day hats in Orlando. In Louisville on the first Saturday in May, (Derby Day) a hat is a must and the most outrageous show stopper is noticeable only if you do not wear it well. I sigh......
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