Thursday, April 28, 2011

Staying busy

I am currently working on another commission for the same person I made the white on white wall hanging with a butterfly for. Plan to have it done and on its way to her in a week, ten days at most. I started on this last week after I got home with my search for the right fabrics. This is my second butterfly, the first one wasn't working/doing it for me. The piece when completed with measure approx 24 x 30 inches. Not sure if I told you that already.
Went to the Library on Monday and got a selection of book on CD. Am listening to The Neighbor by Lisa Gardner. Haven't read/listened to anything by her before, but this ones is a good read/listen so far.
Tomorrow I am off to see the shuttle Endeavour take off.  Let's hope all goes well with the launch. I am taking my camera.  Rene' tells me without the aid of a GPS I should be able to get there without any problems but I am using it anyway. Also taking a book to read, a bag lunch and bottles of water since it is advisable to get there several hours before launch time to get a viewing spot. Oh yeah, a hat, sunglasses and a folding lawn chair.
Will let you know how my latest adventure fared when I get back.
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Anonymous said...

How was it? I'm jealous.
Albino butterfly ain't got it.