Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back in Louisville

I went to see the solo exhibit of Pat Darif on Tuesday. Three of the piece were influenced by trees. Next to flowers, tree are my next favorite subject.
The three pieces shown behind the receptionist desk were created by my friend Marti Plager and are permanently installed at st. Matthews Episcopal Church on Hubbards Lane in Louisville.
Aren't these Dogwoods wonderful. I took then as I drive through a subdivision on my way to dinner with two friends on Monday.
This church standing on the north edge of Old Louisville has always grabbed my attention whenever I get off I-65 at the St. Catherine exit
The last two images are of parts of downtown Louisville as I drove east on I-64. Each time I return to the city I see something new has been built. It's good to see my home town grow with new business, and sad to see some of the ones go and old building being torn down.
Yes I miss Louisville, but it was cold the entire time I was there. I was cold. It rained. The wind blew.... HARD. Tornado sirens went off as they often do this time of the year and into the summer in Louisville.
I was so busy the entire time I was away. I have never been able to sleep on a plane until this trip home. Despite the plane dancing through the sky for most of the two hour flight, I napped. We bounced about so much that we were never offered peanuts or pretzels and the drinks did not come until the last 30 minutes of the flight.
But I am home and unpacked and went marketing to restock the fridge.
Tomorrow, I will show you my new plantings on the balcony.
My commission quilt was delivered and was well received and the buyer commissioned me to do a second one with flowers and a butterfly. This one I will get to do with some color, yeah!!!!!!
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