Friday, April 22, 2011

Pink and Hot

I went out today to find pink fabrics for my next commission. Pink! Can you believe it. I had no problem and found a wide assortment to choose from. Pink must be in fashion. In one stop I got all of the pieces in the foreground. The two larger cuts in the background I brought while in Louisville. Sorry,  because of my luck there are no pictures of quilt shops I had planned to explore today. Everything was brought at the  Joann's less than 2 miles from home. Plus see below for reason why I called it quits for the day after my second stop at the Harbor Freight.
I'm showing you pictures of I-4 heading east toward home. I was making good time until I came to this point in the trip and the traffic began to slow down to a crawl, slow enough and stopped long enough for me to take pictures.  This slow down and stopping every hundred feet or so continued for miles. Finally gave up and got off the Interstate and took the local roads home.
I had ventured to the south side of Orlando (15 miles) guided by my GPS in search of the 48" long drywall t-squares at the second Harbor Freight location and I found what I wanted. To keep from making a trip for naught, I called the store before I went. Once there I brought two of them to go with my collection of carpenter squares and straight edges. All must haves for squaring quilts.
The getting there wasn't all that bad when I looked past the fact that half way there my air condition decided to stop working. Believe me mid afternoon in Orlando is no time not to have air conditioning in your car. So I rolled down the windows and dealt with it telling myself that the god of "you ask for it" was just getting back at me for wishing all last week that the weather in KY and OH was more like FL. I wanted warm, well today I got more than warm, I got down right HOT.
There are two movies on my list of must sees for the weekend. The Conspiracy a movie about Pres. Lincoln and the new Tyler Perry Movie.
Happy Easter. Here hoping you get your share of jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and Easter Eggs. Oh and Peeps.
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