Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh Phew!!!!

Drove over to the coast and found someplace to park where they were not charging an arm and a leg ($15-20.00).  They were hawking boiled peanuts and t-shirts commemorating the launch.  All for naught.  After I parked, I check my Blackberry and the Internet to find that the launch had been cancelled 10 minutes before I turned off the car so I started the car back up and drove back home.  I had killed at least love bug populating of Central Florida on my trip over and the car was covered with the dead and dieing bugs and their spattered remains coated the windshield. 
One good thing about owning a Mini Cooper; they give free car washes.  So before I came home I stopped by the car lot and got all the bugs removed so I could return a nice clean car to my daughter since she told me she had washed mine for me the evening before when we swapped.
I hear that they will try to launch again on Monday.  I'm going to try it one more time.

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