Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Change, change, change

No matter how much we think a thing is forever.  That not always so.
In my case I thought I would keep the e-mail address I have had for 4 plus years now,  remembering how much of a pain it was to change it and notify everyone who had the e-mail contact info from the one I had  when I lived in KY.  But alas I am changing it.  This time to something  that will follow me where ever I decide to reside next.  That way I am  not dependent on my current or Lyn's current Internet connection.  Therefore, anyone  who is trying to contact me, please use juanitayeager@gmail.com.  I have been trying to ease this address into that part of my brain that rattles off my email for more than a year instead of the mchsi one.  I hope this change in your address book/contact folder doesn't cause you much trouble.
Thanks.  I certainly would hate to miss hearing from all of you.

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