Sunday, May 08, 2011

My day was a good one

I hope yours was as well.  Best of all I got Happy Mother's day calls from both Lyn and Myke my two kids who live elsewhere which was nice, not that they don't call me to chat on other days and often but special days or "SPECIAL".  I spent some time with my daughter Rene' today who I see regularly.  Yesterday we made a trip across the city yesterday to IKEA where she brought a day bed for her office and we had an adventure getting it home in the SUV.
Rene and I generally go to the movie theatre on the weekends.  Our movie dates are a dutch treat affairs.  She buys the tickets.  I buy the popcorn and sodas.
Today, she did both.  We saw "Jumping the Broom"  a light comedy, fun movie with a message and a PG 13 rating.  Then we went to Barnes and Nobles where she brought me a Nook Color.  I have been thinking of getting one for sometime and was torn between a Nook and a Kindle but Rene' convinced me the Nook Color was the better one to have and I  agree.  Actually having had it less than a  day I am pleased to report that I am more comfortable with it than I am with my Blackberry that I've had for several months.  It still does more than I want to know how to do.  Finally have it set up so I get my email on it but really hate the little keyboard so I am still answering my email on my laptop if the reply is more than a few words.
So far I like reading the book I downloaded on the Nook and as I get lost in the words on the screen I've found myself trying to manually turn a page, like I am really holding a paper book, only to call myself a dunce and remember all I have to do is brush the screen with the tip of my finger or tap the screen.

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GerryART said...

Juanita, I've had my Nookcolor for a couple of months now.
I have downloaded Cookie A.'s newest knitting book in pdf format.
I've downloaded Susan Burbaker Knapp's two videos from Interweave and I can borrow and download epub books from our local library as well as audiobook in wmv format.
All to my NookColor.
I can also blog from my NookColor.
I love my NookColor.