Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A wedding in the family: Blessings and good wishes

I didn't blog comments on the marriage of my Niece Michelle Yeager last month. In light of the fact that the Yeager clan is getting smaller
she did have the support of the Philip Yeager branch of her family tree. Top right is my grand-daughter Olivia Yeager, the child of my oldest son Andre', bottom row left are my daughters Rene' and Lyn, center are the newly married, Michelle and Milton and to the right is my son Mike who with her Uncle Bill seen carrying the broom they jumped upper center, and her Uncle Lynon (not sure of the spelling) not pictured walked her down the aisle. Both of Michelle's parents are deceased so she said instead of the traditional father-daughter dance normally done at the reception she had a Uncle/Uncle/Cousin dance instead. My late husbands oldest sister is pictured with a long time family friend Simon in the upper right picture. Simon and Michelle's mother and father were at University together. On Michelle's facebook page she has uploaded some images of their honeymoon. There were palm trees, so dispite me not knowing the exact location of where they are, it is obvious it is someplace warm, sunny and near water.
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creativedawn said...

I'm happy you shared the pictures of your beautiful family. Weddings are lots of fun (work), but ultimately lots of fun!