Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year to all

It has been a really busy 2011, but in looking back I would not have traded it for anything.  I met some really nice people.  Some I didn't know this time last year I now consider friends.
On the other hand, some of the people who started the year with me are no longer in my life on a daily bases, namely my middle grandson Justin.  Shh.  Don't tell him I miss him and my daughter Rene', she knows I miss her a lot.  Amongst other things she and I do together or have a common interest in (reading books) is my going to the movies buddy.  I know I could go alone and do, but it is so nice to have her company.  She is here for the holidays and I've seen three movies since Christmas, Mission Impossible (very good) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (loved so much that I had to read the other two books in the series and lastly Sherlock Holmes that was okay.  The least liked of the trio.
I have a new great-grand daughter that I didn't have this time last year.  She is an adorable addition to our family.
My daughter Lyn has joined me here in Florida and seems to have settled into her job.  She is also my side kick and major supporter in all things quilt related even though she has no interest in making one herself.  As an independent curator for a University here in Florida I don't know how I would manage it all if I didn't have her here to help me.
Thanks to the gift of a Nook Color from Rene' in 2010, I've read too many books to name.  Despite that I can't believe the number of art pieces big and small I finished this year nor  the number of competitions and exhibits I have been a part of.
 I taught more then I thought I would or had planned to do when I moved to Florida, but it's all good. I've enjoyed the traveling and the quilters I have met.  My quilts have always taken me to places I would not have visited otherwise. I am looking forward to the teaching engagements I have on my 2012 calendar.

As this year ends in less than 1 hours I am sitting here listening to the noise makers, the voices raised in merriment and the sporadic burst of fireworks that are going off within the complex. 

A little before midnight as this day turns to a new year, I will go up to the 7th level and out into the garage to look at the display of fireworks that will be going off.  This year with a clear sky I should be able to see the fireworks display in Orlando.  Last year the overcast sky prevented having a clear view of them from where I am.
One of my favorite sayings has always been "Bloom where you are planted"
 In November of 2010 I brought a Christmas cactus that was fully in bloom.  When the blooms were all spent I never believed it would bloom again.  From time to time over the year I gave it some water,but did little else to ensure it survived and then a  few days before Christmas to my wonder despite my neglect I noticed several small pink buds.  As the days progressed the blooms got bigger and bigger, gorgeous.  I wonder if more care would have made a difference. 

Here's hoping every one of you has the best year ever.  That what ever you wish for yourself and loved ones comes to be.

And lastly on this last day of 2011 I resolve that
 I will be open to change, create the art I love.. take each day as it comes and rejoice in family and friends, in other words I plan to continue to bloom where I have planted myself. 


Sharon P. said...

Blessings for 2012!!

Karoda said...

Happy New Year Juanita! That is one of my favorite sayings also...I believe it comes from Langston Hughes. Cheers back at cha!