Sunday, December 11, 2011

I was out and about yesterday and today

and at the end of this day all  I really would like to do is sleep in tomorrow morning but I probably won't.
Yesterday I went to speak to a quilt group in Belleview, Fl, just a little north of the Villages.     My daughter Lyn, having the day off decided to drive me.  I did not argue with her.  You see I have no problem riding in the passenger seat to the right of the driver. On the way up we took the Turnpike. I enjoyed my time with the quilters.  They were having a holiday party with favors and cheery decorations and FOOD.  I sampled everything on the table that was free of wheat.  On the way back we took the local roads and Lyn got to see some more of the state. 

 Today I decided to start to work on a wall quilt for my daughter Rene'.  She  requested I make one for her new apartment soon after she moved back to Louisville.  Rene is the only child I make quilts to fit her decor.  The others will take what I already have made and make them work in their space.  But Rene' does not do realistic flowers or bright summer colors.  So sad.  These are two of  my favorite things.  I've had this pillow for her sofa for a month or more.  Yes if you look closely it does have a flower and leaves and a bud.  But she said of the pillow she brought with her when she came back to Florida two trips ago, "Ignore the design, it came with the couch. Just look at the colors".  So I did.    Me not being an Autumn color person, of course I did not have any of these colors in my very limited stash.  During one of her visits we went fabric shopping and picked up a couple of pieces but they too were more to get a feel for the color and were not fabrics that would ever see inclusion in any thing I made.  (I did not say NEVER).  On Wednesday I dyed several yards of fabric trying for a chocolate brown, a gray with a slight green cast and a red brown.  I came real close to what I wanted.  Having those colors at hand was a start but I needed to supplement them with some commercials so off I went today to two quilt shops in the Orlando area that I have not visited before.    The shop on East Colonial had the best selection.  At the second shop  the Quilters Cove on Curry Ford I found a couple of more fabric to add to the pile. 
When I left home to shop I had a design in mind.  But after shopping and getting my purchases home...   I began to have some doubts. 
So off to Joann Fabrics I went and picked up some more.  While I was there I flipped through some quilt books.   So many ideas... Only one quilt needed.  I'm going to sleep on  all the thoughts swirling around in my head and maybe, just maybe when I wake on Sunday morning the quilt that wants to be made will be clearly in focus.


creativedawn said...

Merry Christmas...
Now, I do love Autumn palettes - very much. I also love, love, love your wonderful flowers! It's hard to believe she doesn't want any African lotus blossoms. Anyhoo, those fabrics you've pictured here are gorgeous; boy, cannot wait to see what you make!


Karoda said...

Forget-Me-Knot is closing it's doors the end of the year...but are open to offers (hint hint).

Susan Turney said...

Your post makes me laugh. Even though those are so not the fabrics I would associate with you, the "shopping for fabric" won out!!!

Rayna said...

Ah, the sacrifices we make for our children:-). Actually, the quilt that made itself later in your blog is very cool! René will love it.