Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This is the quilt that wanted to be made

or rather more to the point, it has a yard and one half of fabric that wanted to be the "star".  Now mind you I am not at all sure, the fabric,  the combo of colors or composition are ones Rene' will want to live with.  No flowers for sure.  I fell in love with a piece of fabric "Urban Square by Camelot Cotton".  While I no longer use commercial fabric in my work, I do still love bold prints especially ones that make a statement.   Often the piece of fabric that begs to go home with me has a mind of its own and wants to take over the design. This one was no different.   I think you will see what I mean.
When finished un-quilted the top will measure 48" x 60". 
The composition is one I planned out on graph paper,  The piecing of the individual blocks and rectangles are easy to do which I am happy about since it has been months and months, since I last created a pieced quilt.  The piecing together of the blocks and rectangles is not as straight forward.  There are no long stretches of uninterrupted seams.  Lots of part seams and set ins.  There was a time when I relished this kind of a challenge so I think the how to's will come back to me without any tears.  I do still have seam rippers.
I will give you a look at the finished top once it is all pieced.

Karen, sorry to hear  Forget-Me-Knot is closing.  Let's hope someone will   buy the business and continue on in the friendly welcoming ways the shop is known for, plus keep a great selection of fabrics too.  It won't be me.... 

Now back to Rene's quilt.

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Karoda said...

You can't blame me for dropping the and Valerie are just artistically priceless friends. ;)