Thursday, December 08, 2011

I am not one to make small work

When I was in my get rid of everything mode in the month or two before I moved from Missouri to Florida I am not sure why these four small pieces; the largest one measures 11" x 14", were not put in the pile slated to be offered for sale in my studio garage sale along with several other tops.
Yesterday as I was stuffing some scraps into a box that will eventually get sent off to my friend Kathy in Louisville (I hope she's still interested in getting them)  I saw these four small pieces folded on the top of the scraps  in the box.
My box of scraps to Kathy are not what the common quilter might think a scrap of fabric is. A scrap to me is often in the fat quarter or larger range. Sometimes the box of scraps to Kathy will contain a top which I completed but just is no longer to my liking or something that was made in a workshop and just was not something I wanted to finish.
Contemplatively I unfolded them, pinned them to my design wall and  gave them an audition.  In my opinion they were all complete compositions.  In my opinion nothing could be added to them to make them larger without just adding to be adding.  And to my surprise I still liked them.   So I asked myself if I still wanted to send them off to Kathy or if I wanted to keep them.  If I kept them  did I want to spend a  day or quilting and binding them.
Mind you I am still days away from finishing the quilting on my last painted piece which I had put aside to get myself organized for a trunk show/lecture that I will be giving to a quilt guild and hours drive away on Friday.
The  four little pieces won out.  So back to the Kathy box I went to find fabric to use for the backings and bindings.  Sorry Kathy your box got shorted not only of these four little tops but some large hunks of scraps.
So since I spent all of yesterday quilting today I need to go fold and roll some quilts for my program tomorrow.


creativedawn said...

I read this entry and fell in love with these wonderful quilts while reading it on my cellphone earlier in the week. They are so G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S ! I don't blame you for keeping them. Of course if I made wonderful art as you do, I don't think I could part with any of it!


kathy said...

Juanita -- you know that I love anything you send me!! actually the huge pieces make me feel a little guilty so I'm happy that you decided to give these big guys another chance.