Friday, August 24, 2012

A hurrican is coming

so they say.  While painting I am keeping my ears attuned to the telly and staying breast of what is happening.  Orlando is in the middle of the state.  Theoretically a hurricane can threaten from either side of the state or come straight up the middle.  There was more concern earlier in the week when the models and warnings had the storm  coming straight up the middle, but as time has passed the predicted path has changed.  The eye of the storm is now predicted to be further to the gulf side (Tampa) and more and more out into the gulf.  As of this morning, if the storm maintains this off shore gulf path   the possibility that the chances that I or anyone in the Orlando area will be adversely affected has decreased dramatically. 
This is not the first hurricane threat that I have experienced since moving to Florida.  The first turned out to be no more than an above average breeze that I did nothing to prepare for.  The second one, I did move the balcony furniture inside just in case because if it did come my way while I was out of town, I didn't want things blowing around out there.  Once again, with much relief and joy, nothing happened.
 But I am not being blase' about this tropical storm/hurricane warning.  You know what "they" say, "third time could be the charm".   We will be on the "dirty side of the storm" so heavy rain and wind is still possible.   I am prepared and we will see.
In the mean time I will continue to paint.  Here's a look at yesterday's progress.

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