Thursday, August 30, 2012

After some thought

and my cup of coffee, I decided I would start by looking at the piece as if it were cropped. Really cropped. In the old days before Picasa or Photo Shop I would've hung long strips of white paper to frame my work in order to decide how much to cut off.  I am so glad I have the ability to do this in the computer with Picasa or Photo Shop Elements.  
Want to see what it looks like with about 3 inches off the right side, 8 inches off the left and with the top copped about 1 inch? 

In each of the three images below the cropped off portion at the bottom varies from 1 to 3"

I won't put scissors to this piece for at least a day, maybe two.  Still have some touching up to do here and there.  By the time that is done maybe the old brain will come up with an alternative to ripping off the parts I don't like. Maybe  something more creative and visually interesting, but if it doesn't there's always the fall back... "ripping".  


Ruth Quinn said...

HI Juanita,
I think that you changed the look of your website-the top picture anyways. Looks great! Wanted to say hello and "no", I have not tried your painting technique yet. Still buying paint colors and looking for time to paint. Looking forward to it though.


Anonymous said...

Not that you asked but I like the one on the right, the biggest. One reason why is it is the only one that lets you see what the little blue flowers are and not just dots. THis from non-artist. MIss ja