Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Painting, reading and movie going

Between the rain drops on Saturday I went to the movies with my girls Lyn and Rene' who is here for a week or so to see "Premium Run" which was an okay movie and something to do.  There's not much in the theatre I've wanted to see this Summer.  I started reading a book in the Lincoln Lawyer series which hasn't grabbed me yet and I am painting. On Sunday while waiting to see what the tropical storm was going to develope into we went to have a late lunch in Winter Haven, 40 minutes away at a place called Fred's.  Great southern home style cooking served buffet style.  It is worth the drive and like having dinner at "mom's" on Sunday after church we brought home some left overs for later.  The collard greens are just plain good.  There are more areas of green to paint but I was getting bored doing so and there is the  background to reconsider because at this time I am not sure  I like the blue I've used ... so  I started painting the flowers.    Here's a look at my progress. 

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Aiesha said...

So beautiful! Great watercolor. It brings a feeling of joy.Your flowers are stunning.

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