Saturday, August 25, 2012

that will come as the hurricane approaches.  From what they say the rain and the wind in my neck of the woods will be no more severe than some of our typical summer storms of which I have experienced many. 
I don't think it is the weather that is coming that caused it but this morning I woke in a reflective mood.  The mood caused me to take note of my little piece of the world and the change in the quality of  light that came through my window this morning.  It was softer. Not because it was overcast.  No rather the sky was blue with just a few wispy clouds.  Yet the light was different somehow.  Here we are nearing the end of August.  How quickly the months are passing. 
Summer is going.  Autumn is coming as it does every year, but maybe in my head, faster than I want it to.  The kids around here are back in school. Olivia, my grand daughter in Kentucky finished her first week back as well.   I sort of feel sorry for them.  In the old days we were allowed to run free and play until after Labor Day.   No, my old self is not wishing for my yesterdays, but I do remember one of the more fun things about going to elementary school  was  the ever present kid size easels, empty coffee cans filled with   long handled paint brushes, the smell of wet newsprint and temper paint. 
My past is very much part of my present.
My easel is larger now, adult size.  My newsprint is fabric. Artist grade watercolor paints have replaced the jars of temper of my youth filled.  Its still about the joy.  It's all about the colors. 
Color me a quiet soft blue of the early morning to hopefully a happy sunny yellow by noon.     Mood begone....   
Painting a piece longer than my paint surface means repining and so that is what I had to do yesterday to get to the bottom of the piece. 

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