Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thought I'd check in to let you know

I haven't fallen over or dropped off the face of the earth. 
Where have you been? What are you up to?  Nothing much as far as what I consider interesting enough to write about. Have read a couple of books and went to see the Bourne Legacy.  Books okay, movie...not bad. 
Beside that all it seems I have been doing of late is sitting at my desk.  So much so that I decided to rearrange the apartment and move my desk to the window so I could at least look out and see the sky while I  have been spending most of my awake hours making plans for the  up coming bus trip to the Houston Quilt Festival that the local quilt guild I belong to is sponsoring.  When I volunteered to organize bus trips for the guild, I knew it wasn't going to be as simple as getting into my own car, programing the GPS and taking to the road.  Far from it.   Dealing with the needs of 46 other people has to be considered.  There was the search for enough hotel/motel rooms and booking them.  Buying tour package tickets to the Quilt Show.  Talking to the bus company and understanding the  national transportation regulations as they relate to drivers of big buses which includes having to plan rest stops and driver change locations.  Then there was the problem of where to eat and working those stops into the schedule driver rest break stops.  It took a lot of searching on google and Map Quest. And so many other little piddly things that piddly or not still need addressing.    But as of Monday afternoon I  have most of the planning completed and behind me.
As far as creativity.  That has taken a back seat for the last two weeks but it is now time to return to my "artist" life.  There are two up coming competitions that I am thinking of entering so I must get back to the sewing machine soon to put facing and sleeves on five pieces that are quilted, trued up and are rolled and waiting at the foot of my bed.
After my last teaching engagement I was down to less than 2 yards of silk broadcloth in the stash, but an order with enough cloth to keep me busy for awhile should be arriving in the next few days as well as an order of watercolor paints to replenish depleted tubes of my favorite colors. 


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I figured after a month of daughter and granddaughter you needed some rest time. But I was calling if we hadn't heard from you by Friday. May call to catch up anyway. Non-artist

Carol said...

You're a glutton for punishment, but I will always admire your tenacity. Will be expecting nothing less than the best when you come back to the art world.