Wednesday, May 08, 2013

What's a girl (grandmother) to do

when a guy (Josh the grandson) moves a car into what you have claimed as your wet studio.
  My car lives in the driveway but his with no top and the unpredictable rains that central Florida is known for, his no can do.
I know, I could be mean and say, no way, it's out of here... Put the hard top back on it, but it is such a "cute"  girl speak  kind of car.  Not sure what guy's say, except he's gotten quite a few thumbs up from other guys who have walked past our garage when the door has been up.
But for what I use the garage for, there is still room for me to get to the sink and the work table even when this short stuff of a car is inside.
Here is what I dyed two days ago using bleach and unbleached Roc Lon muslin from Joann Fabric.
I like the feel of the bleached but not the unbleached  muslin which took some hard pressing with steam and could have benefited greatly with a good spay of starch or sizing to be usable and if I were to use this cloth  for a functional bed quilt it would definitely have that used looked after the first washing.  But I don't make those kind of quilts.
So now I am waiting for a samples of  James Thompson's bleached and unbleached muslin to arrive by mail to see if I like the weight of it.  I am so used to using Kona PFD that I am spoiled by the weight  of that cloth even when I know some other fabric lines take the dye better.
Will blog again soon, For now, I am off to the cardiologist where I expect to get a good your heart is healing just fine report. 

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