Monday, July 29, 2013

Didn't get any more painting done on the quilt on Friday, Saturday or Sunday

because Friday was spent doing  housekeeping chores.  Also on Friday Olivia (the grand-daughter) was having one of the girls from her gymnastic camp sleep over.  I had promised her I would take her and her house guest to Carrabba's one of Olivia's favorite restaurants for dinner.
To my surprise when I picked her up from camp, I had two girls instead of one making the trip home with me.  This additional guest necessitated they sleep in my room (king size bed) instead of all three of them trying to sleep in a double bed in Olivia's room as the bedroom at the front of the house has come to be called. 
I must admit, I had a lovely dinner with the three not yet teenage girls.  (Olivia, Harmony, & Alexia)
After a day of camp that included swimming, they ate like stevedores.  They were not picky eaters either. 
Well mannered and addressing the waiter by name, they ordered their drinks, a salad/soup and seasoned olive oil to dip their bread.  One had lobster ravioli, the other shrimp with Alfredo sauce over noodles and Livvie, steak medium well.
On Saturday the girls spent most of the time in the pool after returning from a shopping expedition  and lunch at the Mall.  I was ready for bed when the last girl went home at 6:00PM and Sunday I spent doing nothing but sitting about with my feet up in a state of "duh".  
About a week 10 days ago I decided to have plantation shutters custom made to cover the three  22" square east facing windows in my studio.  The owner of Gator Blinds and Shutters came on Saturday to measure the windows.  The shutters should be back in three weeks I was told and most happy they will cost about 1/2 of what I had estimated.   I will let you see what they look like installed and let you know  if I like being able to control the amount of light that comes through the windows with them. 
Gotta be better than wishing every sunny morning for a pair of sunglasses or placing a piece of foam core over the window until the sun gets above the eaves.
This is where I was when I stopped today for lunch.  This is all the painting I will do until after the quilting and thread painting is complete.  As I look at it on the monitor, there are one or two places that I think the composition would benefit from the addition of one or two more leaves.  But for now I am going to take it off the easel, pin it to the design wall so I can get a full length view of the piece.  I will paint in the leaves if needed, then let it mellow in my head  for a day or so before I sandwich and begin quilting it. 

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Susan Turney said...

So pretty! I remember Hollyhocks from when I was little in a small town but haven't really seen them since. Your beautiful quilting will be a bonus!