Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The sun came out and lasted all of fifteen minutes this morning

before the sky opened up and poured.  I guess it seems I am so obsessed with the weather of late, but I have always been attuned to what the sky is doing and prone to SAD.  The degree to which the lack of sunlight  affects me  has been greatly diminished since moving to Florida but there are still touches of it remaining when it is cloudy for several days in a row. 
So today without the sunlight streaming through the windows to entice me into the studio nothing has gotten done on the painting today and the image below is  what I ended the day yesterday having accomplished. 
I took a  break at the end of yesterday painting session and finishing up a light romantic comedy I was reading and did  a search on the Barnes and Nobles Nook site for something a little more toothy to read  and  decided on a new book by J. K Rowlings the author of the  Harry Potter series titled the "Cookoo's Calling".  This is NOT a children's book, but it is in my favorite genre,  (PI's, cops, murder, etc).
 I read all through yesterday evening and into the night and if truth be told I didn't mind the rain too much today because it gave me an excuse (not that I needed one) to continue reading  this morning.  Dreary skies, a cup of tea and a book are great together.  
 It is an easy read.   I like the main  and secondary characters she has populated the book with.  I have  about 100 more pages to go of the 450 plus page book.  I hope this is the beginning of a  new series for her.   I would buy and read them.
I know I will finish this book today so rain or shine tomorrow I am back to painting.

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Nina Marie said...

Ohhh Juanita - this is great - I love how it just sings of summer! Funny - I looked at listening to that Rowlings new book too and decided - nahhhhh - took out Harry's 4th book in his series again to listen to - grin! Too much sunshine for mayhem and murder I guess!! LOL Off the Wall Friday is running if you'd like to link up!