Monday, July 22, 2013

I am back at the easel

and enjoying it.  What you see in the picture below are leaves and the stems belonging to three stalks of hollyhocks when I am done.  I started on the leaves because I am not sure what color I want to paint the blooms.  The piece as it is now measures about 45 x 58 inches.  Of course quilting will make it somewhat smaller. I am looking forward to quilting it on my HQ mid-arm.

On Saturday past, Olivia had a swim party.  She invited 5 girls from her gymnastic camp over.  One spent the night.  I am really glad I live close to the pool.  The closeness made it easy to carry food and drinks to the sheltered area in the pool enclosure and keep an eye on them without having to sit by the pool for the entire time.    Oh my...  I had forgotten how loud little girls can squeal when having fun. 

Hope your summer is going as swimmingly as Olivia's is. 

I will give you a look see at my painting progress tomorrow. 


Dale Anne Potter said...

GREAT beginnings Juanita! Look forward to seeing the progress! THANKS for sharing!

Susan Turney said...

I'm so happy to see a post! Please keep us updated on the new piece!