Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stalking butterflies

From time to time I have caught sight of many winged things fluttering or flying about in the yard outside my windows. Winged things like butterflies and hummingbirds.    Maybe a moth or two.  Even they dressed in drab colors bring me joy seeing their winged flight.  
I spotted the smallest hummingbird I've ever seen one day last week in the yard.   I was tempted to grab my camera to see if I could get a picture but thought, surely it would be gone by the time I did. 
Yesterday, after lunch while standing at the window wondering what to do next I caught sight of two butterflies with markings I hadn't seen before.  This time  I decided to get my camera and take a few pictures.  Out the door I went to stalk the butterflies.
While I was out and about in the yard from the fence I took a picture of what lies beyond.  The growth is so dense I would not want to wonder into it and not being one for the great outdoors looking into the shadows  made me wonder what was living in there.
Loved these pops of color at the top of these bushes (?) or vines (?) since I can see them clearly from the window that I paint in front of the color more than likely they subconsciously influenced the colors in my latest piece.
This is a  Lilies of the Nile in bloom sadly nearing the end of its season.  They are really pretty, and very showy, in the Spring.  The gardening service the HOA (Home Owners Association) uses planted them on the right hand side of my slider to replace the tall grassy stuff that did not come back this summer.  The bed needs weeding and mulching still, but I am looking forward to them coming in full bloom next year and doubly love that fact, as a condo owner I don't have to  mess around in the dirt.

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