Monday, July 15, 2013

Not done yet so it seems.

I read Melody Johnson's blog almost everyday.  Hers and my friend Kathy Loomis are the only two that I do read on a regular basis.  So when I found myself wanting to go to Ikea on Sunday afternoon to get something else for my studio I didn't feel so guilty about having had a change of heart about how I wanted to utilize  both my indoor space and out door space, after all Melody has made lots of changes through the months, now years since she has lived in her TN house and it never fails that each of her re-organization projects improve her creative life.  At least from my view point is seems so.
In the garage I have lots of shelves and plenty of old wooden 3 drawer DMC store display boxes that hold my mixed media supplies that are no longer convenient to get to because my garage for all intent and purpose is a "garage" where my grandsons and his friends hangout.  "Better there than in the house." I say and because of that I am spending less and less time out there.  My side of the garage is getting encroached upon and I will use my part of the garage only for dyeing and large scale screen printing.
Slowly my colored pencils and supply of glue sticks and tubes of acrylic paints,inks and markers  have made their way into the house with no where to store them.  After use each time I would take them back to the garage and in a few days some or most of the supplies would be back in the house again.  So now I have a place for them in one of these five drawer cabinets.
I have placed them out of the way, under the table that I use behind my sewing machine table. No more trips to the garage for stuff now once I bring it all in and put it away.  I love Ikea.   Thanks Josh for putting them together for me.

My machine is up and working.  Adjusted the tension for my favorite thread (Isacord 40 wt polyester). This machine makes a great stitch.   At first I thought I was going to need lessons to learn how to change the foot on my HQ Sweet Sixteen from the round closed foot that came on the machine from the factory to a much prefer open toed one because changing feet on this machine is not at all intuitive and just briefly skimming through the direction  as I often do did not make clear how to accomplish this task.  What it took  was me viewing a YouTube clip and reading the instruction booklet one sentence at a time to get it done, Plus more muscle power than I thought was necessary to unloosen the needle screw and the foot washer.  I will not be changing the foot on this machine anytime soon if ever. 
I also had to get my fingers used to putting the bobbin in the machine.  I can't tell you the last time I used a machine with this kind of a bobbin since all the Janome I have owned had drop in ones. 
I have a piece of silk stretch on the design wall waiting for inspiration to come. It has been there for a few days but  I am not sweating over the fact that I haven't started on anything since I shipped off the commission piece. 
I was busy dyeing fabric and assembling kits; getting ready to speak to and teach a class in Brandon, FL last Monday and Tuesday.
And I had house guest.  My son Myke was back for a four day visit  the first of the month with my D-n-L Mel and my granddaughter Joslyn.   Olivia flew back with them to RI for a few days stay.  Now  she is back and off to a summer gymnastic camp again this weeks so I am on call for pick-up at the end of the day duty again.

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Carol said...

Glad to hear you are all better, and enjoying your new space. Looking forward to seeing many of your new projects.