Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Change is gonna do you good....

well that was the tune I was humming this morning as I unpacked a box of 100 yards of PFD fabric that UPS dropped at my door yesterday. 

This was an order of Testfabric 400M  which I want to try since so many other quilt/dyers/artist use it.  I also have three plus bolts of James Thompson dyer's cotton on hand to dye too.  I much prefer my fabric to come folded on bolts rather as rolls.  Bolts are easier for me to handle.   For years I only dyed for my own use Kona PFD from Robert Kaufman but I thought I would give these two a try when I decided I would  get back into piecing quilts again.  No I am not abandoning my painted silk work to do  pieced work exclusively.   I just have a few ideas running around in my head that can best be done by piecing.

Although I didn't have a firm idea of what I wanted to piece months ago I did have the desire to dye my own fabric.  Dyeing fabric in quantities like I once did was one of the reasons I wanted to move from the apartment to someplace with a garage and a sink.  While this condo did not come with a sink in the garage it did have the plumbing for one to be installed.   I was all set to begin dyeing when life interfered.  

The set up in the garage was/is ideal except  now as my grandson and I have begun to settle into what is our new normal life without my daughter, his mother in residence, his life and interest has settled into his car, which he tinkers with a is a guy thing.  So not only is there the car, there is also  all the tools and stuff he uses to tinker.  A week or so ago  he  decided he "needed" a motorcycle too.  Then there are his friends who are welcome to hang out with him in the garage.  So by inches and feet my space for storage of my quilt related stuff was being infringed upon.  What to do?
The answer was easy now that my granddaughter has gone home.

Get  rid of the third bedroom, after all, I never planned to have a "guest room" in the first place.  So most of what was placed outside that relates to my quilt making that I could not find a place for inside is now in the room that is a bedroom no more.  The bed that was in the room was taken apart and it , mattress box springs and bed linens is stored in the closet in that room.  This place has really nice size closets... thank goodness.  Some of the other stuff in the bedroom that I wanted to keep and use was moved to other places in the house, the rest, to the Goodwill. 
I reserved room on what was/is my side of the garage to set up tables out there  for those times I want to dye fabric like I am planning to do today.  Will let you see what I got done in the next post.


Susan Turney said...

Can't wait!

Jamane Yeager said...

Go Sister, I love you!Jamane