Saturday, August 31, 2013

My creative urges are hop skipping and jumping all over the place

 Last week as I ironed the last of the first 100 yards of fabric I dyed  I had several ideas running through my head that involved using some of my newly dyed fabric to piece a composition.  I made several sketches before losing interest in any of them.  Then the urge to paint something took hold.  But first I needed to soak some silk in soy milk. 

Since moving to the condo, I have been trying to decide where to stretch a cloth line in the garage.  All of the options have the cloth line crossing over the hood of Josh's car or stretched so that when my silk is hanging to dry it blocks the garage entry.  Because I had no large pieces of silk to work with, I decided to use up some of the smaller pieces of silk I had on hand and try a thread sketching  technique where you quilt first.  I did the quilting with black thread.  Then I painted.  It was interesting. 

Lesson learned.  The next time I try this on a larger scale, or on a serious piece, I will use a solid black fabric or one that is mostly black for the backing.  My HQ makes a great stitch front and back but when I worked the thread densely in areas of heavy thread painting, I got some dots of the top thread showing on the back and this is not good in my opinion. 

I did however liked the look of the black thread. 
  This piece measures approx. 10 x 16 inches. 

 I solved the issue of how to dry my silk by installing two shepherds hooks, one on each side of the little patio located in what I'll call my back yard.  I try to be discrete when hanging fabric out to dry; doing it early when my neighbors are at work and no one is at the pool.  We have a no laundry drying outside clause in the condo rules but I am not doing laundry am I.  What I am doing is the first step in my art process, right?

I soaked a 5 yard piece and these two smaller pieces 28" x 44" .  I haven't decided on what to do with the larger piece yet, but thought I'd paint on these two which I did today.   After a late lunch I sandwiched and began to quilt on the orange piece this afternoon. 
I will give you a better look at them when they are quilted.



Susan Turney said...

It's always good to see a post! Looking forward to seeing these pieces!

GEM1962 said...

Wow, Juanita, just beautiful!!
Gail Milburn

Bec Clarke said...

Oh my goodness they are gorgeous, I so wish I had room to do this type of work.
Something to work towards I guess.

Karoda said...

Stunning as always!