Saturday, August 24, 2013


13 ladies from my Friday group plus two other ladies I  met the first of the year at a local quilt show decided to take  an abbreviated version of my painting on silk class.  We met at the church which was ideal in terms of space, light, access to water and a refrigerator in a fully equipped kitchen since we were brown bagging our lunches.  The lunch break lasted 15 minutes because they all seemed to want to get to the painting.  Most of them had they painting completed at the end of the time, only one or two went home with their bottle of soy milk and a little extra paint just in case.  Since this is a group I meet with weekly I can nag :) them in to getting them finished.
Here are some candid shots of their efforts. 
Blue and purples were the color choices of the day, with only one selecting red and no one to my surprise using yellow or orange. 
I am off to the post office while the sun is still shining to send a class sample to Coral Springs, Fl where I will be teaching at the end of next month.  They are predicting rain again (as in down pour) for today.

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