Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I believe in angels; ghost, ghouls and goblins, no.

Gremlins... now that's another thing.  Ghost, ghouls and goblins are scary.  They are the things that go bump in the night, whereas gremlins are cute,  at least the ones in the movie by that name were until you fed them after midnight.    Instead of ghost, I like blaming things that go missing on gremlins.. And when  mischief is afoot and you know not who;  as in a human to blame, gremlins.  Perfect scapegoats... gremlins.

Of late more than a thing or two have gone missing around here.  The gremlins have been running amok.  The first thing that I noticed was missing was a hamburger patty.   You might not think that matters much, but it is a mystery.   Josh cooked four on the George Foreman and ate one.  He put three in the fridge and told me he did.  I ate one the next day leaving one in the plastic ware.  Josh was the first to notice that there was only one left.   He asked me if I had eaten two and I said no and  shrugged, but then had to wonder who could have eaten it.  If not  me and not Josh he said.  Not a friend of his who happened to be here.  She's a vegetarian.  Gremlins!

As Rene and I was packing Olivia's stuff to go back to Kentucky, she noticed that a dress and jacket that Olivia had not worn while here (the tags were still on it) were missing from her closet, as was  a pair of pink sandals that were last seen outside the back door in the garage and one of her tennis shoes.  No one who lives in this house has her small size feet or wears a kids size 12. Gremlins!

Next,  one of the outside light bulbs, the one on the east side of the garage went missing.  Gremlins!

A small red speaker that I attach to my I-pod, missing.  I looked high and low and everywhere in between.  I loved that little speaker.  I got it at the Houston Quilt Festival last fall.   Gremlins!

Then today when  I noticed the can of Magic Spray Light body sizing I was using to aid in ironing  my hand dyed fabric  was running low, I looked down knowing there were more cans on the shelf under my ironing surface, but no there were none there.  I was surprised to say the least  because there should have been at least two more cans sitting there.  They weren't anywhere in the house where I would  have for what ever reason moved them.  No drawer.   No cabinet.  I opened them all.  No shelf.  Believed me I looked.  And no I have not ironed more than the wrinkles out of a few t-shirts since I brought the cans.  So there is no way I had used them all.  Gremlins!

Off to the market I went to buy more.  Four more and here are three I have placed in a drawer.  Shhhh... I hope the gremlins don't find them.

I gave up on the Black and Decker iron after one day and I am taking it back.  It doesn't get hot enough and it leaks. 

I am waiting for the company to come install the plantation shutters on my three small windows.  Here it is past four and they were suppose to be here by 3:30.

Here is what I see when I look out the middle of the three windows. So glad the shutters won't obscure the view entirely, just block the sun from stream in when I want to control how much and when it does.

At  5:30 I  am off to have dinner with the ladies in the  new art quilt group I joined.  Will take my camera and maybe they will let me take pictures of what they did with their ugly stripes.

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