Thursday, August 22, 2013

Greet, eat, and show tell what we did and or doing

was the jest of the meeting last night.  I haven't seen any of them since February so that was a real treat for me.  And I enjoyed my evening out.  I first met the seven other ladies that are part of this group' because they were  members of the guild I joined when  I first came to Central Florida.  I have also attended a couple of workshops sponsored by the guild with them or worked on a guild committee but  I never had a real opportunity to sit and chat with them to get a real grasp of what they did as far as what  their fiber art style was.  I had a feeling that most of them were still searching for their "voice" and were willing to play or explore different approaches. 
As one who has had several voices through time I can understand where they are coming from.  I on the other hand have had thoughts of piecing again, hence the piece I did addressed that desire and getting the chance to work with printed fabric of which I had none in the house that were purchased with the intent of using them on the front of my work was an opportunity of sorts. 
I do have commercial printed fabric, but it is stuff I brought to use as  backings for my painted silk pieces.  Now with the art me getting back into dyeing for the purpose of piecing I just might look at printed commercial fabrics again with a different eye.  One that can see incorporating prints into work.
Dinner was good.  I had my favorite Panera's salad;  Greek with chicken and  a bowl of loaded potato soup.
Here are the pieces from this months challenge which I learned last night that could be anything, not necessarily a quilt and could be any size when I thought they had to be twelve inches square.  As I said in an earlier post being restricted to a one square foot space was a real challenge for me, but in hind site I'm not sure what I would have made if size was not an issue.
There was no design wall in the community room at Panera's "pooh" so you will see fingers and arms in the pictures but here goes the show and tell part of the evening.
This is Becky S.  The pieced background was over painted.  She also brought another piece to show what she has been working on that was not part of the challenge.  Small pieces that incorporate metal. 
This piece is the work of Tami F.  She said she tried bleaching the fabrics with no luck and finally decided to paint over the pieced background before adding the 3 D flowers that were created using two layers of fabric and Heat & Bond.  
This piece was made by Michelle R.  Painting over to disguise the "uglies" was the theme of the night it seemed. 
This is Nancy M's piece, fusing, stamping using a free motion pre-quilted in a workshop sandwich as the background.
These two pieces, one a fabric bowl, shaped over a balloon and a small quilt with a woven fabric background with fused foreground images is the second piece
Paula S.  Piece was not finished but here it is.  She trimmed all the strip down to 2-1/2 inches and sewed them together on the diagonal to make a really long strip and then began to double the back and sew them together on the long side as in the "Jelly roll"  440 yard race technique.  it was quilted and she had begun embellishing it with yarn at this point and some small fused slivers of an ant print that seemed to find it way into every ones piece including mine.

Here is my piece. 
Paulette G was present but did not have a challenge piece to show, she did bring a purse (tote) she had just finished to take along n her upcoming trip to Alaska.
In two months were will be exchanging ATC approx. 2" x 4" .  They are to illustrate our art/artist personalities. 
The shutters are in.  They look great.  Would you believe it is raining like crazy so this morning I could not test to see if they work the way I hoped they would to block the sun streaming through the windows from sun up to about noon.   
Today I will be busy getting kits and supplies together for the painting on silk class I am teaching tomorrow.  I also plan to get a few more pieces of the dyed fabric ironed.  The pile is getting smaller. 

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