Friday, September 15, 2006

Guess what I saw today?

I thought it was a twig that was stuck to the side of the house at first but on closer inspection without my glasses I wasn't sure. So I went to get my camera to take a picture of it. Again I wasn't sure.
Then I touched it with a stick and it moved a little and then a little more and I was sure it was an insect.

A "Walking Stick", I've heard of them but this is the first time I've seen one.
So what else have I done today and since my last posting.


Just ordinary stuff the last couple of days. The housekeeper came to do the hard wood floors. By the way, they look great. Ordinarily I wouldn't have planned to be here, but some of the furniture she could not move by herself. So I stopped quilting every so often I helped do that.

I am machine quilting a commission quilt that isn't very challenging since it is a rework of a previous quilt I've done before.
The problem with a doing commission work comes when the person commissioning you tells you they want something "just like" something else you have done. Although the money is good, the sense of adventure is lost in the process. I like adventure.

As I am quilting this piece I am also looking at a class sample pinned to my design wall. I would rather be quilting that one. Imaging how I will quilt it and listening to some good music is keeping my brain entertained.

I changed out the Summer front door decoration for an Autumn one today. The last couple of morning have had a hint of fall in the air. Foreshadowing of things to come, three days ago it was in the 60's. Definately sweater weather.

The time for pumpkins and fall leaves and scarecrows is fast approaching. I got a jump on the coming season today placing some of these things around the house. Pine cones instead of butterflies, fall leaves instead of roses. Now the house looks more in keeping with the chilly nights that will be coming before we know it.

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