Saturday, September 23, 2006

I love a computer when it works

and hate them when they will not do what you want them to do. Mainly work. We have been trying to get a wireless network set up in the house almost from day one without any luck.
Lyn wanted the house wireless so she could work from the comfort of her bedroom instead of her office on the weekends. I wanted to use my computer somewhere besides in John's room since he had taken possession of my modem.
Using my computer in his room during the week was no problem since he is out of the house until nearly 4PM each weekday. But weekends are different. Typical teen, he sleeps really late on weekends.
So this morning I got up determined to make the wireless router work.
Went through all the steps as insturcted in the getting started pamphlet. Nothing. Went to the router maker's online site. Nothing. Even lost my internet connection altogether more than once in the process. Nothing.
I hung on the phone for what seemed like hours before I spoke to a real person. By the time Anna, badge number 1928 answered I had drunk two cups of day old coffee; made a fresh pot of the stuff, eaten a bowl of cheerios, a handful corn chips and some M&M's.
Even with Anna badge number 1928's help it took more than 30 minutes of me following her instructions one step at a time to get it all straightened out.

I admire those who are computer sauvy.

Now I am WIRELESS AND I can work from the comfort of my easy chair or the middle of my bed if I chose to do so. So where am I sitting.

In a desk chair, at a desk that we placed at the end of the hallway so John could get over the notion that my computer modem was his.


Mrs. Mel said...

Are those both quilts in that hallway? Very painterly.

Karoda said...

Hi Juanita, I've emailed you today but it bounced back...I know I've emailed you at your new email since you've moved because I received a reply. yes, computers are neat and fun when they run smooth...let me know if you've received it from my quiltingkaroda address.