Thursday, September 21, 2006

My date

My first stop yesterday was at the post office to mail a package to a friend. I purchased a book of Gee's Bend Quilt Stamps. Have to pat myself on the back. I am getting good at finding my way around town without the street map.

Then I drove to 9th Street south of Broadway to visit some galleries. The Poppies Gallery was in the process of moving from its Ninth Street location to one on Broadway east of Ninth so I will have to go again when they are in the new place. The Blue Moon Arts and Crafts of Missouri Gallery was next.

There was more craft items there than art in this gallery. Lots of hand made jewelry. They were putting out Christmas items, like carved Santa's. There was also some ho-hum pottery and blown glass. I did see a pair of ear rings I would have loved to have except the wires were made of silver and I am allergic. Only two pieces of fiber (framed) and one quilt that was a foundation pieced probably a commercial pattern Thanksgiving themed hand quilted sampler.
From there it was a short walk down the street to the Columbia Art League Gallery. This visit they were featuring a regional exhibit of water color that was ho-hum.
To sum my date up there was nothing I saw yesterday that was inspiring. I did pick up a application to join the Art League and am giving that some thought.
Maybe I will have better luck in getting the feel of what art is about around here at the Art Fair this weekend.
I tried to locate the Art Department Building on University of Missouri campus and I did, but I couldn't find a parking space for several very long blocks. The area around the building was very congested with students walking, construction equipment and people dining at outdoor tables. Yesterday was a perfect day for doing just that. I would have enjoyed having lunch in the area too, except I couldn't find any place to PARK.
I ended my trip downtown at the library where I sat and browsed through several book on printmaking and famous printmakers.
Love the Columbia Library. Applied for a card which I plan to use a lot.

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