Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A day of came and went

is best how I can describe yesterday. I spent it trying to not be sad, for it was my late husband's birthday. Not that we ever did anything special on birthdays; not his or mine or the children except to acknowledge them with a verbal greeting and a hug. Not anyone of my kids or my husband was especially fond of cake. Ice cream yes, cake no. So there were no candles lit to be blown out. And birthday parties, ,forget about them. Besides, it was always my believe that while a person is born on a certain date, that date it is not that person's day to celebrate but rather it should be reserved to acknowledge the person who gave birth to them. In my case I should have had celebrations on four days each year and my dear mother nine, bless her heart.
Well at any rate despite my efforts not to be sad yesterday I was and there were moments of sniffles and real tears at times when I did keep my mind and body other wise directed.

A check from my latest sale came in the mail and went to the bank.
I went to the post office and came away with a book from a friend.
I went to Starbuck and came out with a venti iced coffee that last all day if you keep adding ice to the cup which I did.
I began to read the book from Karoda last night before I turned out the lights for the night. Karoda, I think I am going to like it and I loved the card that came with it. Thanks.

I went to the outdoor nursery area at HyVee and came away with two new plants. A "Bleeding Heart" in retrospect how appropriate for the day and a yellow cone flower that I planted in the front garden.
I went to the quilt store and came away with some purchases but not the thread I went there to buy. Sadly they do not carry a wide selection of Superior threads so I will have to get it elsewhere, most likely online.
I went to the movies to see "Mr. Brooks" and came away satisfied that I had seen a movie worth the money I'd spent and the time. A very different Kevin Cosner, at least the producers were realist and gave him an age appropriate wife, unlike the young women that seem to be the movie wives or love interest of the likes of Harrison Ford, Eastwood and Connery. etc.
I went to D. Rowes a sports bar with the best food on our side of town on the way home from the movies and came out with dinner so I did not have to cook for me and John the grand son, Lyn, the daughter is in Kansas City, MO on business until Friday.
My color correct bulbs came by UPS yesterday and went into the fixtures I've placed in the studio area and they immediate came out of the fixtures and went back into their boxes. The difference in the light correction was not worth the heat they put out. So I slept on what to do with them. Return them or keep them for another use. This morning I decided to put the bulb in the garage ceiling fixtures. What a difference one made on my side of the garage as far as visibility. It will help greatly when working at the table I use to dye. I put one of the remaining four bulbs on Lyn's side of the garage which made the garage as a whole so much more user friendly. I am going to keep the other two for when I dye fabric, I'll move my studio fixture one or two of them to the garage and change out the bulbs. By doing that I will not have to rely on raising the garage doors for better lighting which is a good thing if I want to dye after sunset or in the winter.
I'm off to the studio to machine quilt some more today. I want to stay on target for getting the quilts I need for this time next year done and avoid a crunch time crises.

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