Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How the garden does grow

It really is noce seeing how well my flowers are doing in the front garden. There is a surprise everyday to be found from the bulb I planted especially the red/violet flower. Too bad I didn't keep the bulb information so I would know what it is.




I've been absent from my blog for several days because I don't seem to find the time to do it since I have to put myself in traction for an hour three times a day for a cervical disc problem that made itself known when my little finger and half my ring finger on my left hand began to tingle most unpleasantly especially when I touched something.
Although it is still early in my six week of treatment I have noticed some improvement.Before I sat down to blog I put a piece of fabric out in the sun to dry and sun print with a variety of different fabric paints I have had for some time and not put to use other than painting highlight on flowers in my quilts. I am looking for alternated methods of doing background and thought this would be a good start. Will check the results after my traction time is over. Maybe I will photograph the result and report tomorrow.
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Leave Louisville and you fall apart. Tuesday ladies were all asking for you.