Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fragmented, fractured or what ever you would

call a day that consisted of a little of this and a little of that.
The morning began with me waiting for the plumber to see why Lyn's bathroom which is at the end of the water line hasn't enough pressure (for her) if the water is turned on somewhere in the house before it gets to her shower. Mind you she does not get scolded if someone flushes the toilet, it just her two shower heads and four body jets slow. WOOOOO!!! Well any way he came and turned the pressure up and basically said her loss of pressure is due to where her bathroom is located in the house.
The other wait for was the electrician. All the wall plugs in the garage decided they didn't want to work, One of Lyn's fluorescent fixtures her closet long since stopped working and the switch in the laundry room popped every time it was turned on or off. Did not know if this was really a problem but since he was here had him look at it. When the electrician left to get a bolster and bulb for the fixture and make another call because they didn't know if I wanted the repairs that day when I made the appointment or just wanted an estimate. DUH!!!, life is too short. Lets get it done is my thought. But anyway. They left and I left to go get fertilizer for the front garden. I should have gone to Walmart instead of the garden center. I am never tempted by Walmart plants but the garden center. Well. Home I came with a tray of plants and some grass seed to reseed some of the places in the front lawn.
Then the electrician came back and made the repairs. While waiting for that to be completed I ordered supplies, PFD from Robert Kaufman and Dyes from Prochem and containers to dye in. I ordered a gram scale the other day. An for those of you who are concerned about my ice cream consumption, you will be glad to know I found a source for the bucket with handles and lids like the one my store brand ice cream comes in and that was good. Now I don't have to eat gallons of ice cream in order to increase the number of dye containers I need to do some serious week long dying.
I took John the grandson to a friends where he was going to spend the night then I went to get some urea for my dyeing since I love the Carol Souderlund method and while on that side of town and with a 40% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket, I stopped at Joann Fabric for another cutting table. Now I have two and that will make squaring some of my larger pieces a whole lot easier. No more getting down on the floor. Boy do I miss the set-up Marti and I had in her basement. An 8 feet by 8 feet raised surface covered with two 4 x 8 cutting mats.
I put the tray of plants in the ground, did some weeding and squared-up my latest piece but couldn't decide to face it or bind it. I fell into bed.

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