Saturday, June 02, 2007

Good things

Sonia came to visit yesterday, which was Friday. Some times I think she come more to see my sewing machine more so then to see me, but I'm not complaining. When I saw her coming up the walkway to the house it still didn't dawn on me that it was Friday. There I was working away, still in my pj's yesterday thinking for some reason that it was only Thursday. Good think she comes on Fridays. I do need reality checks every now and then.



My garden at the fron of the house is doing just great. I love petunias and the ones in the hanging basket a gift from the Grand boys are blooming like crazy and so is my hibiscus bush, a gift from the 54/40 Quilt Guild when I taught for them in April. as you can see the backyard looks like it snowed in June, No, its the landscape cover that is suppose to hold the seeds to the ground, keep the birds from eating them. aA green house effect the landscaper said. If course you can not tell if the grass is grwing under this white cover. Will know in anther week if all will be green.
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Got two more clamp on light fixtures and bulbs for the studio space and I am in heaven. What a difference. Two was good, four are fantastic. I was in the tropics inside while the outside the sky was gloomy and rainy. With all the lights on my energy level picked up immediately. I did order full spectrum bulb for the fixtures at the suggestion of a friend and they should arrive next week. I dare not think of how much more wonderful the lighting in my space will be, I just might drool swoon and faint from sheer JOY.

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