Thursday, May 31, 2007

If two are good

then four has got to be great. That was my thinking when I went to bed a little after mid-night. So this morning early for me (8:00 AM) I was off to Lowe's for two more clamp on lamps and two more 120 watt bulbs. It was not my choice to be up that early, but John the grandson over slept and it was either me or his mother. I could hear his mother's grumpy response to his plea for a ride to school through my closed bedroom door so I said I would do it with the knowledge that his school was only 4 miles from the Lowe's and since I would have gone out later in the day to get the lights I might just as well do it earlier rather than later.
Most of today after I get my two new lights placed I will be getting quilts ready to ship to Henderson, KY for an exhibit with my friend Valerie White from Louisville, KY. The show will be up from June 6 through August 5 at the Ohio Valley Art League Gallery in the Old Henderson Public Library. If you are in the area stop in. Speaking of exhibits, I mentioned Marti Plager's show a couple of blogs ago, but failed to tell you where to see it. It is at the Carnegie Center on Spring Street in New Albany, Indiana. Stop in to see her art work too if you are in the area.

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