Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Passing the days

is how I am spending my life and it has been good. Not sure where Saturday went except it did. I'm sure I did something related to quilting. Oh yeah.... I designed a small wall hanging for a class I will teach next August here in Columbia at Satin Stitches (a local quilt shop with really, really really friendly people) Went there to pick out the fabric since you know how some students are. They want their piece to LOOK EXACTLY like the teachers. Spent more time there than I had planned because they were so friendly. Came home to work on it. Timing myself as I went.
I got a lovely hanging basket of flowers and a shepherds hook for Mother's day from the grandsons and my daughter which hangs right outside my studio space window and dinner cooked by her as I worked in the studio. She made my favorite; fried corn. At the end of the day I knew that the pieced background I was making for the class project was going to be tooooooo involved for a two day class and went to bed knowning I would chuck it in favor of a more simplified one that time wise is much better. Of course that meant another trip to the quilt shop since I had brought only enough fabric for the project on Saturday.
This will be there first time in ages that I have made something completely with commercial fabrics. But when you teach in a quilt shop, they do expect to sell some of the stuff they carry to the students.
So on Monday, I stopped at the quilt shop on my way back from St Louis where I had dropped off the oldest grandson at the airport. He was returning to Louisville. He had had enough of us I guess and choose to fly back to Louisville instead of taking the chance that I would change my mind about driving to Louisville on Wednesday after a doctor's appointment on that morning. I will miss him a lot.
As we were driving the 120 miles from Columbia to the airport in St. Louis which is my third of the way to Louisville point, I remarked that he had to be at the airport about 2 hours before his flight and if I kept driving I could be in Evansville, 2/3 Rd's of the way to Louisville before he got off the ground. Then he has an hours flight at which time I could be near Corydon, Indiana' less than an hour from Louisville. By the time he was at the gate and the time he'd spent waiting for his luggage I could be crossing the bridge into Louisville.
That's the main reason why I drive it instead of fly. Plus I can lug more stuff with me. And yes I can still drive there cheaper than flying despite the cost of gas. I'm happy with my little diesel engine car that gets over 45 miles to the gallon on the highway and takes less than 13 gallons of fuel to fill it up. Around here, diesel fuel sells for about 50 cents less per gallon than regular which went up to $3.09.
Today the sky is grey and a cool front is coming in with a promise of rain. And no the yard is not done yet and I refuse to talk about it or think about it today.

Article update: The photographer for the newspaper is coming this morning at 11:30 or this after noon at 2:30 so I am on standby. The reporter, said she will try to get the article in the paper for Sunday the 20Th. Will let you know when it appears.

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