Monday, May 21, 2007

The Waiting Game

I think that is what my life is becoming. And while I am waiting I seem to be just sitting. Well in my mind that is how it seems when in fact it isn't.
I finished the sample quilt and delivered it to the quilt shop so they can advertise the class.
I was waitng for Sunday to see if the article I was interviewed for would be published , but it wasn't. Maybe next Sunday so I'll be waiting again.
Today I am waiting for the Priest at the Newman Center to call me about a commission that was arranged for me through the gallery after he was in and saw my work. I was told about this on Friday. While waiting for this job, I've been somewhat reluctant to start on something new least I get in the middle of it and have to stop and I know me. I tend not to go back to an abandoned work if I have to stop in the middle of it for something else.
So yesterday while waiting, I weeded the front garden area and attached some wild mushrooms this morning that popped up over night in the front garden. They look so cute when they first sprout but grow into grotesque things that have to go as they age.
On Saturday we had a tree planted at the far back corner of the yard. Not that we had planned on planting trees now, (tree were in phase two of the landscape project) but our neighbors; two of the five who's property line adjoins ours were having trees put in and they looked so nice and the tree company had several extra ones on their truck so we thought why not.
Now I have to go buy at least another 100 feet of hose to attach to the 100 feet we have in order to reach the tree from the back of the house to water it. Yesterday one neighbor while watering his new trees and seeing that I could not reach mine with the length of hose I had, watered mine too. That was nice of him I know, but in fact my tree is closer to his house than my tree is to ours.
Looking toward the house from where the tree was planted behind the berm I decided that the berm needed reshaping and enlarging. I hope the landscaper brings the rest of the top soil and gets it spread around and leveled today. Seeding would be good too, because it is going to rain here on Tuesday and Wednesday.
So today while waiting for the landscaper and the call from the priest I think I'll go organize my fabric closet. It is such a mess.
I'm not good at waiting when my hands are not busy so I do hope I don't have to wait too long otherwise more than my fabric closet may get organized.


Anonymous said...

Hi Juanita,
Just found your blog and I am in love. Your work is wonderful. I hope to be a regular visitor here. Your quilts are a wonderful feast for the eyes.

Gerry said...

Juanita, received Satin Stitches e-newsletter yesterday and was intriged with your class entitled Grand Flowers.
Grand Flowers! Sounds like something I'd really enjoy.
I Googled your name and found your blog and an interview you did in 2001 in KY.
I love your work what I've seen of your work. I LOVE COLOR ! !
Read some of your early blog entries in this blog and want you to know I'm going to sign up for your class. Don't want to pass up the opportunity to learn color and technique from someone who's so passionate quilting and color.
Am looking forward to your class in August.