Friday, May 11, 2007

Good new comes in three they say

at least it has been true for me.
The last two weeks have produced. One. Less than a week ago the galley sold Coming Round again"
a small piece that had been a class sample. I was surprised when the check came in the mail.
Then two yesterday as I was waiting for the lady to come for the possible commission Sue at the gallery called saying they had sold "Red Bloom" and they needed another piece of my work to hang in its place.

if you remember this is the piece that I started as a commission and the person changed their minds midstream and wanted different colors.
Then the third thing, I got the commission. The piece won't be that large, but hey it will be flowers and they will be red and they will be on a green background, in a design of my choice.
And I still have the reported coming in an hour or so. Gotta go put some curls in the hair and a little color on my lips.
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Karoda said...

I was just saying to Peter how much I missed you being around so I had to come check your blog and lo and behold what great news to start the day! Congrats!