Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I've been busy

Finished sorting and refolding more bins than I care to count worth of fabric and straightening up what is suppose to be the guest closet in our foyer. But is one of two closets that I use to hold fabric and other stuff, like batting, extras sewing machine, etc. When I first saw this closet I knew there would never be a coat hung in there. (WHO HAS THAT MANY GUEST ANYWAY?) I'm getting a price quote on having 6 rows of wire shelves installed because there is a lot of wasted space with this wire basket system that worked well in my condo studio but is not at all efficient here.

Because I was up close and personal with most of the fabric I have I realized that I was missing several of my favorite hand dyed colors so I started dyeing fabric this afternoon.
I started with the yellow dye bath for 8 gradated steps of a triple dye, then over dyed 6 yards of gradated yellow-green double dye fabric with mixing red that I found in my stash that I didn't like so who knows what that will come out looking like. Probably a red-brown. Then I over dyed with turquoise a three yard cut of purple that had way too many light to white areas left in it. That should be interesting. Then I did six different red/oranges; (love love love that color), using different combinations of tangerine, fuchsia, red 305 and red 312 and yellow 104. And finally I did three different reds, one 312, one 305 and one a mix of 312,305 and fuchsia. Oh yeah after reviewing the photo image I realized I did a bin of turquoise too. Tomorrow will a be a wash and dry day.

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Karoda said...

I like the buckets with the much yardage are in each?